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Review - Club Whizz - A must have for golfers

“A Simple But Fantastic Golf Product”

Most golfers focus primarily on the state and function of the their golf equipment when approaching a round or practice session.  However, without our golf accessories, most avid golfers would really be lost because our golf accessories are absolutely essential to our performance, even though we may overlook their importance. recently tested The Club Whizz®, one of those rare golf accessories that makes an amazing difference in the conduct of your game, on the course as well as on the practice range.

The Club Whizz®, designed and engineered in Australia, is definitely a revolutionary product, as advertised, and transforms the mundane chore of keeping your clubs clean, into an essential and easy task on the fly.  The Club Whizz® attaches easily to the wheel of your buggy (in America we call it a pushcart/pullcart, at St. Andrews, Scotland a ‘trolley’) in about a minute, and stays put brilliantly allowing you to clean your clubs by just placing the club against the rotating brush.  The Club Whizz® has six (6) rows of uniquely placed durable bristles that provide the power to clean all dirt & debris from the clubface & grooves, never harming your equipment. put this clever new product through the paces, during a rigorous three (3) week testing phase on the course during nine (9) rounds of golf of and twelve (12) practice sessions on the range.  We found that The Club Whizz® stays attached and in place, never showing signs of fatigue or any wear on the moving parts or bristles.  We popped the Club Whizz® off and tossed it on the ground during range sessions for easy cleaning of the club between shots, without having to go to the towel at all.

Overall, we loved this product for its smart design and ease of use in different phases of play & practice.  The Club Whizz® is well-made, has durable bristles, and stores easily after use.  This product seems simplistic, but it adds a great level of convenience to a game that can get dirty at times.  The Club Whizz® is a great accessory and a must have for avid golfers.